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INA NATV 40 PP Track Rollers

INA NATV 40 PP Bearing Details:
Bearing NameNATV 40 PP
New ModelNATV40PP
Old Model bearing
product ModelNATV40PP
CategoryTrack Rollers
BrandINA Bearing
Inner Diameter d ( mm ) 40
Outer Diameter D ( mm )80
Thickness B ( mm )32
INA NATV 40 PP Bearing   Bearing Size and Drawing:
INA NATV 40 PP Bearing With size alternative model
ModelInner Diameter
Outer Diameter
INA NATV40PP Bearing408032INATrack Rollers
SKF 33208/QCL7C Bearing408032SKFTapered Roller Bearings
INA NATR40PP Bearing408032INATrack Rollers
TIMKEN 33208 Bearing408032TIMKENTapered Roller Bearings
FAG 33208 Bearing408032FAGTapered Roller Bearings
KOYO 33208 JR Bearing408032KOYOTapered Roller Bearings
FAG 33208 +T2 DE040 Bearing408032FAGTapered Roller Bearings
KOYO 33208 Bearing408032KOYOTapered Roller Bearings
SKF 33208 Bearing408032SKFTapered Roller Bearings
NSK 33208 Bearing408032NSKTapered Roller Bearings

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